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Luis Suarez opens up about FC Barcelona’s internal issues

Ronald Koeman, Luis Suarez, FC Barcelona
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During a recent interview, Luis Suarez spoke about FC Barcelona’s internal issues and also about who is the best manager for the club. 

Luis Suarez left FC Barcelona on bad terms. He had a major disagreement with Ronald Koeman last season and he decided to play for Atletico Madrid. His results speak louder than any word can say. Winning the Spanish La Liga with the Colchoneros as the club’s best player last season was liberating for a player who was deeply questioned. Suarez still feels like he can compete at the highest level as he keeps proving every week.

But he also sounds bitter when you ask him about the way in which he left FC Barcelona. In his mind, there was a plot against him with the goal to push him out of the club. With the man of the hour possibly getting sacked at FC Barcelona, Suarez added more insult to injury by directly pointing his finger at Ronald Koeman. This new light into what happened to Luis is not the best publicity for a manager whose job is currently hanging from a thread.

Suarez also offers his opinion on Xavi Hernandez. 

Another aspect Suarez mentioned during this interview was Xavi Hernandez’s chances to coach FC Barcelona. Despite considering him a perfect suitor for the job, he told Sport that the Catalan coach should wait: “Koeman treated me with disrespect as if I was 15 years old. I’m sorry Bartomeu leaked to the press that I was a bad influence for the dressing room.

“The issue between Koeman and Laporta is an internal war that is starting to affect the players. As a football fan and with everything he’s done as a player. I don’t think it’s wise to take the team right now, tomorrow or the day after. Xavi is smart and he knows about the difficulties the club is going through. He must wait for the right moment. There are former teammates of him inside the club with whom he needs to make decisions and it will be tough. I believe he is well prepared to be Barcelona’s manager.”