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Luis Suarez has zero reservations about Josep Maria Bartomeu

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After winning La Liga with Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarez had no reservations against Josep Maria Bartomeu during an interview. 

When Luis Suarez left FC Barcelona, he did it because Josep Maria Bartomeu simply didn’t want him at the club. In doing that, he repeated the same mistake he made when he kicked David Villa out of the club during the 2013-14 season. We all know how that worked out for Atletico Madrid and Barcelona. Villa helped the Colchoneros win the title and the Catalan club won nothing at all. This year, it was clear that something similar could happen with Suarez.

During a recent interview with Cadena COPE, Suarez made some interesting revelations. Contrary to other players who like to keep these things to themselves, it is clear that Suarez is still hurt by the way he was treated. Specifically, he spoke directly about Bartomeu and Ronald Koeman for not having a spine. The overwhelming majority of Barcelona supporters are convinced this is the least those two men deserve after treating Suarez this way. 

Luis Suarez is still a Barcelona supporter. 

During his interview with Partidazo on COPE, this is what Suarez said: “I’m never going to go against Barcelona, they have given me everything and allowed me to get to the elite, but obviously the president [Bartomeu] said everything in the press instead of calling me. The moment they wanted Leo [Messi] to stay they called me to use me to convince him, to talk to [Antoine] Griezmann… so why didn’t they call me when they wanted me to leave?

“Or why did the coach not come and tell me that he does not count on me because he wants another type of striker? Koeman told me I wasn’t in his plans, then he said ‘If we don’t figure this out by tomorrow, you’re back in my plans and I’m counting on you against Villarreal.’ I saw then that the man had no personality. He was not strong enough to tell me I was not needed. The decision [to sell] came from the board.”