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Luis Enrique Urges Mbappé to Defend in UCL Showdown Against Borussia

champions league ball
Credit: Janosch Diggelmann

Paris Saint-Germain manager Luis Enrique has called upon star forward Kylian Mbappé to contribute defensively in their crucial Champions League semifinal second leg against Borussia Dortmund, aiming to overturn their 1-0 deficit from the first leg.

Speaking at his pre-match news conference, Enrique emphasized the importance of collective defensive effort, urging attackers like Mbappé to assist in preventing balls from reaching the defense. Despite Mbappé’s subdued performance in the first leg, Enrique stressed the necessity for all players, including world-class stars, to contribute defensively for the team’s success.

While Enrique admitted his limited French vocabulary, he confidently expressed his belief in his team’s victory, stating, “On va gagner” (“We are going to win”), reflecting his unwavering optimism and confidence in PSG’s abilities.

Regarding the deficit heading into the second leg, Enrique maintained a positive mindset, viewing it as an opportunity to demonstrate resilience and turn the tie in their favor. He emphasized the importance of remaining unfazed by setbacks and striving for a positive outcome.

On the Dortmund side, manager Edin Terzic acknowledged the need for improvement from his team despite their narrow first-leg lead. He stressed the importance of unity and a well-executed game plan to secure a spot in the Champions League final, anticipating a stronger performance from PSG.

Terzic highlighted the intensity and commitment required from his players, emphasizing their collective mission and dream of reaching the final. He emphasized the need for improved performance and readiness to match PSG’s expected improvement in the second leg.

Both managers expressed confidence in their respective teams’ abilities while acknowledging the challenges ahead. As the stage is set for a thrilling encounter, both PSG and Dortmund are poised to give their all in pursuit of a coveted place in European club football’s showpiece event.