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Leroy Sane hints at micromanagement from Pep Guardiola

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Now that he is far away from Manchester City, Leroy Sane can finally start talking about Pep Guardiola’s famous micromanagement. 

We’ve all heard about Pep Guardiola’s obsessive behavior with many of his players but he possibly took it a bit far with Leroy Sane. The German winger came to Manchester City from Schalke 04 per the Catalan manager’s request. Due to his impressive skill, Pep thought he found an ideal candidate to become the Citizens’ best offensive player.

In fact, Sane was placed in a home that was close to Guardiola’s own house with a strategic purpose. This helped the manager have a closer relationship with the player and micromanage him. The funny part of this will surprise many. Leroy Sane didn’t mind having Guardiola on top of him all the time, he remembers his time with the coach fondly. Now that he is at Bayern, Sane credits Guardiola for the level of performance he has today. 

Sane loved Guardiola’s obsessive behavior. 

In a recent interview on Der Spiegel, Sane said: “Pep and I had a good relationship. I saw Pep’s family in the building more often than Pep himself. He wasn’t standing at the window waiting for us to come home in the evening to check on us! I thought it was great to live so close to my colleagues. It was a good neighborhood. He raised me to a completely new level.

“Mainly by working on little things: with which foot do I take the ball in which situation and how? What is the best action to open the space? Other coaches tell you that too, but he really did it every day until I did at some point have a little man in my ear with his voice that told me what to do when and how. I love that he doesn’t stop when he sees that you’ve improved. He’ll find something new to work on with you tirelessly. If I hadn’t moved to Manchester, I probably wouldn’t have reached that level.”