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Lautaro reveals why he didn’t become a Barcelona player

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In a recent interview, Lautaro Martinez revealed the whole truth about his failed transfer to FC Barcelona from a few years ago. 

Back when Luis Suarez was still at FC Barcelona, Lautaro Martinez was one of the players that the club wanted to replace him. There were rumors linking him to the Catalan club but they never materialized. In fact, the Nerazzurri were even willing to sell their player if the price was right but nothing happened in the end. For a long time, we didn’t really know what happened with this failed transfer.

All we heard was that Barcelona didn’t have enough cash to splash for the striker. But Lautaro’s account can clarify many doubts and fill some blank spots that can give us a better idea of the whole situation. As we all expected, Martinez didn’t arrive at FC Barcelona due to the club’s financial issues. Today, he can feel comfortable for his decision after winning the Serie A title for Inter. 

Lautaro tells all during an interview. 

It all happened during a long interview with ESPN Argentina where he was asked about several topics. In the conversation, the subject of Barcelona’s failed transfer came up. He also revealed Real Madrid was after him at some point: “I was truly very close to joining Barcelona and I even talked it over with Messi. However, the Blaugrana had economic problems at that moment, so I decided to stay at Inter. It proved to be the right decision, especially as we then won the Scudetto.

“It’s just incredible to win the title at such an important club. Real Madrid did come for me twice when I was in the Racing youth team, but I wanted to make my name in Argentinean football first and only made the move to Europe when I was ready. I do dream one day of returning to Racing. The fans are just as ‘crazy’ and passionate as the Inter ones.”