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Lautaro Martinez might already have his next club in mind

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According to a recent revelation, it appears Lautaro Martinez might already have his next club decided and ready for next season. 

Lautaro Martinez could have his next club in mind already, that’s what we just found out during a live conversation today. Bobo TV is a Twitch channel conducted by Christian Vieri, the former Italian striker who also played for Inter Milan. His show has created a massive following as he makes programs with other former footballers. A new type of sports journalism in which the information is more accurate due to the nature of the people who have it.

In today’s episode, another former footballer made a staggering revelation about Lautaro Martinez’s future at Inter Milan. Nicola Ventola told the panel he believes Lautaro Martinez already closed a deal to leave the Italian champions. His next destination might not surprise many because he fits perfectly with this football club. But basically, Lautaro is leaving the Nerazzurri by the end of the current season. 

Diego Simeone convinced Lautaro Martinez. 

According to Ventola, Lautaro Martinez is going to play for Atletico Madrid next season. This fits perfectly into the type of strikers Diego Simeone likes for his squad. A potent forward with an impressive physique and world-class finishing quality. In the past, we’ve seen players of this nature thriving with the Colchoneros. People like Diego Costa or Radamel Falcao come to mind when we see how Lautaro Martinez plays.

Ventola didn’t reveal who shared this information with him but he did offer some details about the imminent transfer. This is what Ventola said on Christian Vieri’s official Twitch channel: “I’m going to release a bomb. A bird told me Lautaro is going to play for Atletico Madrid. They tell me it’s a done deal and they are paying him a lot of money for it.”