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Laporta’s cry for help to La Liga over the Messi situation

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As Barcelona goes through a tough financial situation, Joan Laportawanted to send a cry for help to La Liga about Lionel Messi. 

There are many who oppose the possible financial help that Joan Laporta is seemingly asking La Liga over Lionel Messi. Over the last four years, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar left the Spanish competition. This meant that two of the greatest players in the world left Lionel Messi practically on his own. If the FC Barcelona star leaves, the tournament will suffer a financial hit of unknown proportions.

Javier Tebas has said many times that he doesn’t want this to happen but many of the other clubs in Spain oppose a possible handout. However, there are some minor clubs who understand that Messi leaving Spain means less income for them as well. The Getafe president recently spoke about La Liga and why they need to help Barcelona keep Messi. Joan Laporta just adhered to this narrative and sent Tebas a cry for help, at least with less restrictive rules. But Tebas might not entertain these ideas as he’s always been stiff with his rules. 

Laporta’s cry for help over Messi. 

As per Marca, this is what Laporta had to say about Barcelona’s current situation: “The players that we’re signing within the parameters of financial fair play can all be registered. Then, we’d like more flexibility from LaLiga if possible, like other leagues across the continent have done for teams. Then, we could sign some more players. “As for Messi, it’s going well. We’re trying to resolve the issues that need to be resolved. They’re important, but we’re getting on with this. We all want Messi to be in LaLiga because he’s a global superstar and attracts fans and his presence helps LaLiga.

“I share the words of the Getafe president [who said LaLiga should be more flexible]. We’re working on it, but some issues haven’t been resolved. Things are progressing well. We said we’d do everything possible within Barcelona’s possibilities for Messi to continue at Barcelona and we’re in that process. I continue to see high chances of that happening. He wants to stay at Barcelona. We want to make that happen. His priority is to stay at Barcelona. We’re grateful for that. Do I dream about him at night? I have sweet dreams when I dream of Messi.”