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Kroos questions continued exiles from the Germany squad

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Toni Kroos has questioned the continued omission of Jerome Boateng, Thomas Muller and Mats Hummels from Joachim Low’s Germany squad.

It’s over a year since Joachim Low announced the decision to ax Boateng, Muller and Hummels from the German national team. Real Madrid star Toni Kroos is yet to understand that decision till date.

Following their disappointing 2018 World Cup performance, the Germany head coach decided to shake things up a bit and promote younger players to the spotlight.

Back in March 2019, many were left stunned at Low’s decision to ax some of his most experienced squad members. Kroos was among those who hit at the decision at the time.

Since then Germany’s form has only worsened, leading to calls for a decorated trio to return.

However, Low has publicly declared on a number of occasions he has no plans to bring the axed players back to the national team.

Once again, Kroos has urged the Germany boss to reconsider his stance with regards to selecting more experienced players.

Asked if he would like to see Boateng, Muller and Hummels recalled ahead of this summer’s European Championship, Kroos told Sky Sport Germany: “I’m pretty self-conscious because, firstly, I’m a national team player, secondly, thank God, I don’t have to make a decision, and thirdly, I’ve played with them for many years.

“The problem is what I see, at least in the reporting – if you only focus on that – is that you would have a different national team after every Bundesliga matchday, and we all know that that doesn’t work.

“I believe that in the end you have to plan a little ahead. I am now questioning whether the coach’s plan has worked out in the way he wanted it to be.

“It is clear that the intention after the World Cup was relatively clear. And now you have to find the best possible team for the next tournament.”