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‘Kroenke leaving Arsenal is better than signing Mbappe and Haaland’

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AFTV’s Robbie Lyle says he would prefer to see Stan Kroenke sell Arsenal than the Gunners signing both Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe.

It’s all about Stan Kroenke at Arsenal right now. The American billionaire is deservedly getting all the stick following the Gunners’ initial involvement in a now-dissolved European Super League. AFTV’s Robbie Lyle has made a big claim regarding the whole situation.

Such is the state of things that Arsenal supporters are expected to protest ‘KroenkeOut’ on Friday before their clash with Everton.

All six Premier League clubs involved in any ‘Super League’ plans were forced to withdraw from the plans following the bitter backlash from the football community.

Fans of those clubs were particularly angry and for many Arsenal supporters, it was the absence of their owner yet again that made the matter worse. The club issued an apology on Tuesday night for their involvement but was signed off by ‘The Arsenal board’ rather than the owner himself. For emphasis, Liverpool owner John W Henry released a video statement himself to apologize to the club’s supporters.

Imagine a club with Haaland and Mbappe in their ranks and how unplayable they’ll be. Well, Robbie Lyle says he’ll choose to see Kroenke leave than make two mega signings if he had the chance.

“Where’s Stan Kroenke? You own 100 per cent of the club,” he told talkSPORT 2.

“Nobody is buying it here at Arsenal. He has to go, he has to leave now. His credibility is finished with the fans at Arsenal.

“What can he tell us now that we’d ever believe? A friend of mine today said ‘Robbie, the one thing about it now is that a lot of these clubs have lost a lot of money and are going to be in quite a financial hardship now they won’t have this Super League’. Not that my friend wanted to go in it.

“I told him, if this summer Stank Kroenke offered us a choice of ‘I’ll buy Mbappe and Haaland or I’ll leave’, I’d say leave and we’d stick with what we’ve got.”

When asked if he’d be in favour of a points deduction, Robbie said: “I don’t think so as it affects the wrong people, it affects the fans.

“If six points were deducted from Stan Kroenke, he wouldn’t care. The way he’s looking on it is that ‘we’re not getting in the top four, we’re ninth and our only route is to get into the Europa League, so I don’t care’.

“That’s why he was trying to buy his way into this Super League.”

He added: “The relationship is over. There wasn’t much of a relationship to begin with because what we’ve seen happen over the last couple of days, we kind of seen these sort of things from the owners over the years. They never talk to anybody.

“Stan Kroenke is known as ‘Silent Stan’ to fans because there’s never any communication. We just see an owner who has a lack of ambition and his only aim is to make loads and loads of money.”