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Koeman set to appeal his two-match ban along with Barcelona

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Ronald Koeman will be making an appeal to overturn his two-match ban decision ahead of Barcelona’s vital games in La Liga.

Ronald Koeman is ready to make an appeal against his two-match ban alongside Barcelona. The Dutch manager was not allowed to stay on the sideline during a 2-1 defeat against Granada in La Liga.

In the heat of the moment, Koeman was accused of abusing the fourth official which saw him receive a two-batch ban. However, the Barcelona boss claimed that it was a light comment and he would have received a 20 games ban if he actually said something. 

Just after the game, Koeman made an attempt to explain the red card saying he did not understand the decision of the referee. In fact, Barcelona is in the process of appealing the ban which is set to keep their head coach out of the crucial games against Valencia and Atletico Madrid.

Koeman said of his ban: “We’re going to appeal this decision because I think it’s an exaggerated suspension.” 

“All I said was ‘what a character’ and I got a two-match ban. If I’d insulted him more heavily I think it would have been 20 games.” 

“We will appeal this decision to show we don’t agree with it. Tomorrow I won’t be on the bench but in the stadium. But we’ve talked with the technical staff and we are prepared.”