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Klopp talks about his frustration as Liverpool’s boss

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With all the injuries Liverpool is suffering, Jurgen Klopp expressed some of his biggest concerns and frustrations ahead of this weekend. 

Liverpool is going through what can possibly be considered one of the most challenging times under Jurgen Klopp as the manager. Since they won the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League, this squad has suffered numerous injured players. Basically every defender they have is currently injured and will be out of competition for several months.

In comparison, there’s no other club in Europe with these many injury problems at the moment. But when you ask the Reds’ manager about these obstacles, he refuses to use them as an excuse for the current season. In hindsight, Liverpool will still try to compete for all the titles and be as competitive as always.

Regardless of Klopp’s will to overcome these issues, it’s also clear that facing the most competitive opponents will be extremely difficult. Ahead of Sunday’s tough game against Leicester City, the gaffer spoke about the huge challenge that approaches for him and his players. 

Klopp makes no excuses despite the injuries. 

Klopp said the following about his approach to the current situation on Liverpool’s website: “Taking it by game by game. It doesn’t work in a different way because if you think about the next game before you play the game in front of you then you will have no chance in that game. It makes no sense, then you will have completely different problems a few days later. It is just game by game and that’ll never change.

“There’s no season when you have no problem with injuries, it is always the same, but in our situation is it slightly different that a lot of players in the same position have gotten injured – seriously injured – and that makes it tricky, of course.

“Nobody here feels at all any kind of self-pity or whatever; we don’t feel sorry for ourselves. It is the situation and in the moment when you get the information then it’s a moment when it hits you, but a minute later you are already in the solution process.

“We are very long in that already, so now we have players available – and I’ve always said, as long as we can field 11 players then we will fight for the three points. We can and we will line up 11 players, I can promise that at least for Sunday, and then we will fight with all we have.”