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Klopp previews Liverpool’s next match against Atletico

Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool
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Ahead of this week’s Champions League match at Metropolitano Stadium, Jurgen Klopp wanted to preview Liverpool’s match vs Atletico Madrid. 

The Champions League will offer us Group B’s most exciting couple of matches in consecutive manner between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid. Thus far, the Reds are keeping a perfect pace in the tournament and they are looking stronger than ever. With Mo Salah in an incredible form and Bobby Firmino playing wonderfully as a second fiddle. Jurgen Klopp couldn’t be happier for the way in which his side returned from a forced sabbatical.

They travel to Madrid to face Diego Simeone’s Atletico in the first of two matches between diametrically opposed styles. On one side, you have Klopp’s offensive football barrage. Right in front, you have one of the most defensive styles you can imagine with Diego Simeone’s philosophy. Klopp wanted to preview the upcoming two games ahead of their visit to the Spanish capital. The Reds are looking to win two consecutive games that will grant them the ticket to the knock-out stage.

Klopp doesn’t like Simeone’s style of play. 

As per Liverpool’s website, here’s what Jurgen Klopp said about winning the two upcoming games against Atletico Madrid: ​​“If you win both games against Atletico then it’s pretty likely you go through! But we lost both last time. I’m a very positive person but not that positive that we already have them in our pocket. It’s a tough place to go. I couldn’t respect it more. Do I like it? Not really but that’s just me.

“It just has to be successful and that’s what they are. Atletico again look like the possible La Liga champion. They have changed since then so we face a different but not a weaker Atletico. They were Spanish champions last season – it is not an easy thing to do. They know how to win games. Yes Atletico are different with a new system and new players. That’s a pretty special team but they are the results-machine they were before. It is incredible how Diego keeps them on their toes, so there is no criticism from me.”