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Klopp makes a massive promise to all Liverpool supporters

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Right before Liverpool’s match against RB Leipzig, Jurgen Klopp wanted to make a promise to all the club’s supporters about his squad. 

Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp have had an incredible ride so far in all competitions but this season has been extremely complicated. Injuries have damaged the team’s dynamic to levels we didn’t think were possible. Klopp has done everything in his power to prevent this moment from happening but he hasn’t been able to achieve his goal so far. As the Champions League match against RB Leipzig approaches, the German manager wanted to send a message.

He still trusts his players to change the club’s dynamic, at least in this tournament. The Premier League seems completely lost to them at this moment. All they can hope is to finish the season inside the Top Four and do the best job they can in the UEFA Champions League. As it happens to every single club, they all have highs and lows like Liverpool right now. 

Klopp makes a vow to come back stronger. 

As per The Daily Mail, this is what Klopp said: “This is a really extreme club, that’s how it is. Extreme in terms of winning a lot, extreme in terms of waiting so long [for the Premier League title] – these kinds of things. But now we have to go through a difficult time again. Nobody should really be surprised that it can happen to Liverpool. But there will be a way out as well and we will find it, no doubt about that. It’s a tough one but personally I think you can kind of compare it with friendships. When you have a really good friend and if he’s only there when you have a party, then you know – okay, it’s good.

“But if in the moment when you have problems, when you suffer a little bit, this friend is there as well, he finds the exactly the right words – then this is a proper friendship. And that is how I describe our situation. If you can go through this together, you can gain so much from it. I don’t want it, nobody wants it, but it can happen and we’re an example for everybody out there that something like this can happen if you have a few unlucky things happening and of course a few mistakes on top of that. We as a club, as a unit, can really learn from it if we go through it together. It will make us stronger, no doubt about it at all. And that’s exactly what I can’t wait for: to experience and to show it.”