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Kimmich sends a stern warning Bayern Munich’s board

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Ahead of a busy summer transfer window, Joshua Kimmich decided to send a stern warning to Bayern Munich’s board of directors. 

Joshua Kimmich is arguably one of Bayern Munich’s most important players of the last decade, he’s won everything as the ultimate leader on the pitch. Ever since he started his career under Pep Guardiola, Kimmich has experienced the teachings of several managers at the club. There was a moment in which he truly believed Hansi Flick was there to stay but the Bayern board had other ideas. After a few major disagreements, the manager who won all six titles in a single season wasn’t happy enough to remain at the club.

For key players like Kimmich, these temporary coaches aren’t the ideal way to move forward. Much like Toni Kroos did back in the day, Joshua can easily get fed up with this situation and leave Bayern for a different club. At least that’s what he is hinting at with his latest comments during his time at the National Team of Germany. As the Euro 2021 is about to happen, players like Kimmich are more than ready to take the next step for his club and country. 

Kimmich thoughts on changing coaches often. 

During his most recent press conference, Joshua Kimmich was asked about the stability at Bayern Munich for changing managers on a regular basis. The young German midfielder isn’t happy with how the club is managing this topic and he wants to keep a single manager for a long time. Julian Nagelsmann is ready to take on the challenge but there’s no confirmation about his continuity, even if he gets results.

This is what Kimmich told Sport1: “I’ve had a lot of coaches in my six years, which is something Bayern shouldn’t really be aiming for. When the new coach is signed, I hope everything has been planned a little more long-term. I think everyone agrees we have the potential to fight for the title, but talking about potential is talking about theories. In 2018 we also had potential. What really matters in the end is that we are united as a team. That way, anything is possible.”