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Kevin Campbell has found Arsenal’s new Aaron Ramsey

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The former Gunners legend Kevin Campbell might have just found the perfect replacement for Aaron Ramsey at Arsenal.

Kevin Campbell believes Joe Willock could replace Aaron Ramsey’s role at Arsenal under Mikel Arteta. The midfielder is now 21-years-old and will require regular playing time to showcase his talent on the field. And fortunately for Willock, he has not been sent on loan duty yet with several youngsters leaving the club. 

The Spanish boss seems to have found a way to integrate the England U21 in his tactical reformation at Emirates. Though all the appearances for Willock did not include any Premier League fixture. Campbell thinks the English starlet is ready to undertake responsibility for the big games for Arsenal. And that he could make a great switch for Ramsey.

Could he be the one?

The Wales international and ex-Gunners star represents Serie A champions Juventus at the moment. We cannot deny the level of effort Ramsey put in for Arsenal during his 11-year spell in north London. And with close resemblance, Willock could help the misleading Alexandre Lacazette to bring in his spark back.

“Joe Willock, I am telling you now, you can see that he’s starting to grow into that role when he comes into the team now,” ex-Gunners striker Campbell told Highbury Squad.

“He’s a striker’s dream. Honestly, when he plays and with Lacazette, he would make Lacazette’s job 50 percent easier, because he runs beyond, a bit like how Ramsey used to.

“Willock’s got the energy to burn, he runs behind. It’s very difficult to pick him up.

“I like this young player. He’s another one, you don’t ever see him moan, groan, or anything. He gets on with it. He gets in the team and he’s always involved in goals.”