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Kean talks about his special connection with Juventus

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Moise Kean admitted that leaving his youth club Juventus made him feel unsatisfactory, and might go back in the future.

Moise Kean opened up about his special attachment with Juventus saying he is “disappointed” for parting ways with the club. Though, the striker is optimistic that he will return to the Allianz Stadium in the near future. 

If you are not familiar with Kean’s past, the “speedster” graduated from Bianconeri’s youth academy. After making 21 appearances for Juventus, the 21-year-old flew to Everton for a different experience. 

Along with that, immense competition for a spot in the first team at Juve forced him to make a tough decision for his career. However, lack of game-time at the Merseyside club yet again led him to a different club, this time Paris Saint-Germain. 

Kean has been on loan at the French outfit but feels that a part of him is still living life in Turin. While speaking with Gazzetta Dello Sport, the Italy international talked about his relationship with Juventus.

He said: “I had a lot of important coaches at Juve, including Fabio Grosso at the youth team and [Massimiliano] Allegri, who put his faith in me despite the fact I was a bit of a hot-head at the time… He let me play, he believed in me. I will always be grateful.”

“I really liked Allegri. He had this way of joking with you, and you’d laugh, but then later think about it and realise he was trying to tell you something important. He helped me so much.”

“I will be honest, I was a bit disappointed to leave Juve. I grew up there, I don’t know where I’d be now without that club. Then I realised this is the life of a football player and had to accept it. Juve will always remain in my heart.”