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Juventus’ ultras have a clear message for Mario Mandzukic

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After knowing he will play for another club in Italy, the Juventus’ ultras decided to send a clear message to Mario Mandzukic earlier today. 

After Mario Mandzukic’s transfer to AC Milan became official, the Juventus’ ultras made the decision to send him a message after the announcement. The ultras from Juventus’ Curva Sud are well-known for their extreme support of their club. During Mario Mandzukic’s time as a Bianconero, the Croatian star became a favorite amongst this group of supporters. They especially remember him from the 2016-17 season in which his goals qualified the club to the Champions League final.

For details like this, the ultras vowed to remain indebted to him regardless of his whereabouts. Today, he returns to Serie A football to play for a direct title contender who currently sits at the top of the table. Contrary to other examples, the Juventus ultras surprised everybody with a heartfelt message dedicated to Mario. 

Mario won the Curva Sud’s hearts. 

In a message written on their official Instagram account, the ultras wrote: “Marione, you will always remain in all our hearts, for what you’ve done, for your passion, for the special rapport you had with all of us. We loved him for the grit he put into every game. We loved him for the fear he stoked in opponents with his sheer size. We loved him for his refusal to laugh and the rare times he did. It’s a long list, but we truly loved this player. But Marione, for the next six months he will wear the Rossoneri colors of Milan.

“He is a professional, he wanted to come back to Italy at all costs, we cannot bring ourselves to condemn him, but it will hurt to see him as an adversary on the field, just as we think it’ll hurt him to play against us. At the age of 34, almost 35, these things can happen. So good luck Marione, we hope you spend six happy months in Italy, but don’t blame us if we wish you no victories. Ciao Marione… Your Curva, the Bianconeri.”

After reading the message, Mandzukic responded: “Thank you for these beautiful words… I will always be proud.”