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Juventus star won’t return from international duties as early as expected

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Due to various logistical problems, a Juventus star won’t be able to return from his international duties as early as the club expected. 

Juventus has many international players currently with their national team, one of their biggest stars won’t be returning as early as they expected him. We are talking about Paulo Dybala, the Argentine playmaker who accompanies Cristiano Ronaldo on the attack. When he arrived to South America to represent his country, he had some serious gastrointestinal issues.

It was feared that he could have the coronavirus but all the test he got were negative, which left him with very few options but to wait. Now that most of the international fixtures have passed, Juventus expected Dybala to return to Italy sooner than expected. Both sides already agreed that the player won’t have any minutes during the upcoming match against Bolivia in La Paz.

However, there’s been a new development that the Juventus board and Andrea Pirlo will not like. Paulo made a decision that will affect the squad going forward and ahead of their upcoming matches in Serie A. 

Paulo decided to travel to La Paz. 

Contrary to what Juventus expected from him, Paulo Dybala made the unilateral decision to travel to La Paz. Argentina has one of the most complicated matches to play in Bolivia, where they will have to fight against an impressive 3.640 feet in height. Andrea Pirlo considers that the star should’ve returned to Italy already due to his physical problems.

But Dybala made the choice and he traveled with his Argentina teammates. This will delay the player’s recovery process and he won’t be able to practice with the rest of the squad until Friday. It also means that Paulo won’t be ready for Juventus upcoming trip to face Crotone in Serie A.

A long trip to South America has many different issues that come with it, especially during a global pandemic. Dybala should maybe look into his club’s best interest when making decisions like this on, they are the ones who pay him after all.