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Juventus: Allegri unfazed by new Paul Pogba setback

Paul Pogba
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The French star has suffered a new injury that will keep him out of the Qatar World Cup.

Massimiliano Allegri believes Juventus must accept Paul Pogba’s injury and move on to improve their form.

On Monday, it became official that Pogba will miss the World Cup due to his worsened knee injury.

The former Manchester United star hasn’t played a single game for Juve since returning to the club in the summer. The new setback is another bad news for Allegri, who has come under extreme pressure for his side’s poor form in recent weeks.

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Speaking ahead of Juve’s upcoming match against Paris Saint-Germain, the Italian boss said: “It is useless to repeat what has already been said. Once the decision was made not to have an operation at the beginning of the season, it was normal for the hopes that he could return with Juventus and France. They were reduced to a flicker.

“He is sorry for Juventus and the World Cup. It is normal, we have been penalised for not having him available.”

Juventus have already relegated to the Europa League while staying seventh in the Serie A. Allegri admits he needs a strong reaction from his side in their next matches.

He added: “I’m angry, not comparing with the best from March onwards creates anger. It has to give us incentives.It has to create a reaction, but we think about the championship after the matches with Inter, Verona and Lazio.”