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Jurgen Klopp opens up about the Old Trafford protests

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Less than a week after the chaos that unused at Old Trafford, Jurgen Klopp finally opened up about the fans protesting Man United. 

Jurgen Klopp is taking the sie of all the supporters who protested peacefully at Old Trafford last Sunday. However, he will never advocate for violence regardless of the situation. We still have no idea when this match will take place before the end of the season but the supporters might get the club in trouble. If the Premier League chooses, they can easily take points from them and give Manchester City the title.

For Klopp, he lived the entire drama from his side and had opinions on what took place. His opinion is very clear about the people who don’t do these types of demonstrations peacefully. Although this could go directly against what his bosses think, Jurgen Klopp has never cared about voicing his opinion. If he believes what he says publicly can make any difference, he will definitely get involved. 

Klopp’s take on the Old Trafford protests.

In a recent interview for BBC Sport, Jurgen Klopp was asked about the protests and what he thinks about the reasoning behind them. Ahead of this weekend’s activity, Klopp spoke for the first time about these incidents: “Was I surprised these kind of things happened? No, I’m an absolute believer in democracy. It means I am happy that people want to tell their opinion, that’s completely fine.

“I heard some policemen got injured – these kinds of things should not happen for sure. You shouldn’t break down the doors. To tell the world what you think about things is completely fine, as long as it is completely peaceful and as far as I know it wasn’t completely peaceful and then it is not right anymore.”