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Jose Mourinho is building himself a title contender AS Roma

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After Tammy Abraham’s arrival, Jose Mourinho is still trying to find himself more transfers in order to make AS Roma a title contender. 

Jose Mourinho feels way more comfortable when his sides are not considered favorites, such as his new adventure with AS Roma. When he coached Inter Milan, his side wasn’t considered one of the best teams in Europe. Yet he still won that historic treble against the best FC Barcelona in history and by beating Bayern in the final. Even though he still won some titles at Manchester United, Mourinho always suffers when his teams have a lot of money or power.

But coaching a relatively modest football club makes Mourinho use his imagination a lot more. Today, he is trying to sign players who are not considered world-class but have the potential to become ballers. Getting Tammy Abraham for €40 million after Romelu Lukaku arrived at Chelsea to take his place was an incredible business for Mourinho. The England international played his first official Serie A match last weekend with incredible results. This newly found motivation is attracting players from all over Europe to perform under Jose Mourinho. 

Zakaria wants to play with Mourinho. 

In the latest plot twist for Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma, Denis Zakaria is allegedly pushing his exit from Borussia Monchengladbach. Various reports are confirming that the Swiss defensive midfielder is doing everything in his power to become a Jose Mourinho player. After Abraham and Rui Patricio, the AS Roma coach is starting to shape his squad.

It’s been long since we’ve seen Mourinho enjoy himself as much as he has over the last few weeks in Italian football. Should he recover his status as one of the best managers in the world, Jose Mourinho could make AS Roma a title contender. No club in Serie A has that motivation factor that Mourinho imprints on all his players when he first arrives. The question here is how long will that magic moment last between manager and pupils? Will Mourinho fix the short-term issues that make him antagonize some of his players?