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Jose Mourinho ‘gets back’ at former Arsenal manager

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Tottenham’s gaffer Jose Mourinho came up with yet another witty response regarding his absence from Arsene Wenger’s book.


Jose Mourinho reveals that Arsene Wenger forgot to include his name in the new autobiography of the former Arsenal boss. As a matter of fact, the Wenger did not manage to beat Mourinho during his time at Emirates.

The Frenchman published his book “My Life in Red & White” earlier this week. Although, he did not mention Tottenham gaffer‘s name after intense rivalry in the Premier League.

Evidently, in 2014, Mourinho described Wenger as “a man who loves to fail” during his time at Chelsea.


Nonetheless, the Portuguese manager won nine games against Arsenal out of the nineteen. And, Wenger saw himself victorious only two times.

Witty Mourinho.

However, on Friday, Mourinho received questions regarding Wenger’s book. And the answer was as expected from the typical ex-Chelsea boss.

“Because he never beat me.”


“You are not going to do a chapter about 12 or 14 matches and never win one so why should he speak about me in his book? A book is a thing to make you happy, to make you proud so I understand perfectly the situation.”

“There were little things it would obviously be better without – some gestures, some words,” Mourinho said.

“It’s obviously better without. I feel better now without [insults]. When I arrived in England in 2004, they were champions, and famous champions – the ‘Invincibles’.


“Then I arrive [at Chelsea], the next few years it was with them [battles for the title].

“It was an amazing team. So thank you very much for that. They pushed us to the limits. The two matches we played at Highbury, that amazing old stadium, were unforgettable. So thank you, thank you so much for that.”

Tottenham will clash against West Ham this weekend. Additionally, Gareth Bale is expected to make his second debut for the north London side.


“He’s working so well, just evolution in every data, in every aspect of his condition,” Mourinho said of the Welshman. “He’s there. Probably he plays Sunday, if he doesn’t he will on Thursday [in the Europa League versus LASK]. He’s there. He’s very, very close.”