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John Stones “absolutely loves” his new role at Man City

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The England international has excelled in his new role as a holding midfielder this season.

John Stones has discovered new “attributes” in his game since playing as a midfielder at Manchester City.

Pep Guardiola made a surprising decision to change Stones’ position earlier this season. The England international featured as a right-back in a few games before moving to his new role as a midfielder.

Stones’ fantastic displays in the middle of the park convinced Guardiola to keep Stones in the same position against Bayern Munich. 

The 29-year-old played a crucial role in City’s 3-0 victory at Etihad, officially securing his place as the team’s new defensive midfielder.

“People have always said, to be fair, from a young age that they can see me playing in there,” Stones said of his midfield position.

“I think I did and still do love playing as a centre-half and I’ve absolutely loved this role as well. I think I have showed myself that I’m able to do it.

“Maybe showing some attributes that I didn’t know that I had, but the manager has seen [something] in me and yeah ultimately I think I’m just trying to show what I can do in there, and show what the manager sees in me and be able to help the team ultimately win with my attributes.”

Man City are one step away from claiming a historic treble this season. The Citizens will take on Inter in the Champions League final on Saturday.