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Joan Laporta reveals massive financial plans for Super League

Joan Laporta
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Barcelona are among the three clubs that advocate for the competition’s revival.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has claimed the founding clubs could earn €1bn as soon as they join the Super League.

Nine of the 12 Super League founders withdrew their support from the breakaway tournament amid huge public backlash last year.

However, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus haven’t stopped their legal efforts to revive the project.

The founders are reportedly preparing to propose a new, less controversial format later this year. But UEFA has already labeled these efforts as “greedy plans” to destroy the future of the game.

Speaking to Sport, Laporta has encouraged the European clubs to consider using Super League’s “great opportunity”.

“From the outset, for the founding clubs, there is an initial bonus of €1bn, and per season, we could get about €300m annually in this competition,” Laporta told Sport.

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“In addition, the key to the Super League is that the clubs will have governance. UEFA will obviously be at the governance table, but the clubs will have the majority.

“The Super League is a great opportunity. But you can only win through dialogue. What the Super League aims to do is improve football. 

“It fights for the sustainability of football, so that the clubs come out of ruin, so that the clubs can be more and more competitive and have more resources. 

“The Super League will end up as a much-improved Champions League, which will be based on meritocracy, that is, it will be open, without club discrimination, but with guarantees and rules that will allow clubs to have more resources. 

“Super League chief executive Bernd Reichart met last Tuesday with UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin in a very important step forward.”