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James Rodriguez decides to address Atletico Madrid rumors

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James Rodriguez to Atletico Madrid has been a non-stop rumor that the player hadn’t addressed until today. He took to his official Twitch channel to respond to questions from followers about this topic. Although he possibly isn’t being considered by Rafa Benitez to continue at the club, James remains hopeful for more participation. Due to this lack of activity in the squad, rumors have been flowing non-stop.

Initially, James was linked to a possible transfer to Italian football where some of the major clubs appeared interested. Institutions such as Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan were possible destinations for James. However, Diego Simeone’s alleged interest was the most talked-about possibility for James Rodriguez. Today, the player addressed this rumor through his Twitch channel without hesitation. As it turns out, he denied the existence of any link to the Colchoneros. 

James wants to continue playing for Everton. 

Even though rumors will keep coming regarding James Rodriguez’s future, the Colombian player decided to speak. After he used the Atletico Madrid slogan ‘Never Stop Believing’, people confused it with a chance to leave the Toffees: “I didn’t know that it was a slogan of that team, it was a complete coincidence,” he said on Twitch. “I just put a personal message, I didn’t say I was going to a club or anywhere.

“It’s been in the news all day, I’m not linked to that club, there haven’t been talks, nothing, but everyone knows that. If I’m going to a club I don’t say it or give signals, I talk when it’s done because anything can happen in football. For the press and those who put things like that, you need to inform yourself a bit better, I didn’t want to create controversy.”