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James Milner applauds Liverpool newbie’s skill during training

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After returning back to training, Liverpool’s new signing managed to impress James Milner with his mesmerizing skills.

Liverpool man James Milner could not take his eyes off Thiago Alcantara’s touch during a training session. Subsequently, the Spaniard returned to the squad after the virus scare.

Consequently, the midfielder will potentially play his second outing for Liverpool in the Merseyside derby vs Everton.

Nonetheless, Thiago did not require much time to impress the Reds supporters.

Although, the Spain international did not play for Liverpool against Arsenal and Aston Villa. This is because he went into self-isolation after testing positive for COVID19.

Play to impress.

Though, video footage of Thiago confirms that the midfielder is back to training with the Liverpool mates.

Additionally, the 29-year-old stunned Milner with his extraordinary skills with the ball.

In the video clip, Thiago is practicing his crossing skills at the Melwood training ground.

We see him dropping down his bottle to receive a long-ball. Then, he elegantly controls the ball with the outside of his right foot.

Milner happened to be passing by behind Thiago and could not stop looking at the Spaniard’s abilities.

On the other side, the Liverpool new signing impressed Spain’s international manager. “He’s a phenomenal player. He’s a top midfielder but he’s also a magician in the way that [Philippe] Coutinho was,” Jose Enrique said.

“I can see him alongside Jordan Henderson and Fabinho in midfield, and giving the team something they didn’t have before.

“And it says a lot about where the club is right now that someone who is an important player at Bayern Munich wants to come and play for Liverpool.

“I think [Jurgen] Klopp has the best squad he has had since he has been at the club. And he will make the signings better players. He makes all of them better players.

“It’s difficult to improve someone who a top Bayern player but Thiago will learn new things. He will be, if not the signing, then certainly one of the signing of the seasons.”