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‘It’s not fair’ – UEFA president Ceferin against multi-city Euro format

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin
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Matches have been played in multiple locations across Europe for the first time in the history of the European Championships.

UEFA president Alexsander Ceferin insists Euro 2020 being pan-continental is “unfair” and that such a format is unlikely to be used again in the future.

The 50 matches played so far in Euro 2020 have used 11 different venues in London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Seville, Munich, Baku, Rome, Bucharest, and Budapest.

Originally, the games were to be held across 13 venues but Dublin later lost its hosting rights due to coronavirus pandemic-induced disturbance in the capital of the Republic of Ireland.

With some teams having to cover more than 10,000 k.m while others traveling only 1,000 km, this multi-city format has attracted criticism. All four semi-finalists – England, Italy, Spain, and Denmark – played all their group games at home while finalists England didn’t have to leave home for all but one of their seven games.

Furthermore, travel restrictions also made it difficult for the fans to attend the away matches for their country.

“I would not support it anymore,” Ceferin told BBC Sport when asked about another multi-city Euro.

“It’s too challenging. In a way, it is not correct that some teams have to travel more than 10,000km while others have to only travel 1,000km.

“It is not fair to fans, who had to be in Rome one day and in Baku over the next few, which is a four-and-a-half-hour flight.

“It is an interesting idea but it is hard to implement, and I don’t think we will do it again.”