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Italian artist honors Cristiano Ronaldo’s best goal

Michele D'Avenia
Michele D'Avenia

In a brilliant gesture from an Italian artist, Cristiano Ronaldo’s best goal was honored with a beautiful painting you are going to love. 

Out of all the incredible goals he scored throughout his career, there will be a heated debate when choosing Cristiano Ronaldo’s best goal. Several impressive efforts come to mind when you want to take your pick. With Portugal, he scored that unforgettable free-kick against Spain during the 2018 World Cup. At Manchester United, Ronaldo scored countless incredible goals such as the long-range missile against Porto. Who could ever forget that perfect free-kick against Portsmouth?

More recently, we still have a fresh memory of the outrageous header against Sampdoria when he was already playing for Juventus. But the place where he scored the highest number of goals was Real Madrid. Throughout the 9 seasons at the club, Cristiano scored an impressive 450 times that turned him into the club’s all-time top scorer. We can recall many from the Spanish La Liga but everybody knows the Champions League is his favorite competition. 

Italian artist immortalizes Ronaldo’s best goal. 

Out of all those brilliant goals during his Real Madrid spell, Cristiano Ronaldo scored backheel attempts. He scored efforts from outside the box during an open play and he also got some impressive free-kicks. Also, there were some incredible headers but there was a goal that always eluded him. After looking at the goal he scored against Juventus, we can safely tell you this type of goal was reserved for that evening.

Ronaldo’s absolute best goal was a bicycle kick effort he scored against Juventus in the Champions League. We all know which goal we are talking about but Italians will never forget it. Artist Michele D’Avenia reached out to us in order to share one of his pieces that capture this brilliant moment from Ronaldo’s career. Take a look for yourself and tell us what you think. We absolutely love it. Just in case you wondered.