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Inter: New details revealed of Romelu Lukaku “betrayal”

Romelu Lukaku at Inter
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What happened in the final days of the last season that led to Lukaku’s decision to leave Inter?

Romelu Lukaku’s actions during the summer transfer window have left Inter Milan feeling betrayed, with fresh revelations shedding light on the Belgian’s behaviour and clandestine negotiations.

During the transfer window, Lukaku conducted secret negotiations with two other Italian clubs while Inter were pushing to secure his permanent return. This saga kept Italian football headlines buzzing all summer, and it’s far from over, even though Lukaku is slowly regaining his form at AS Roma.

As the highly anticipated clash between Inter and Roma on October 29 looms, La Gazzetta dello Sport has revisited the behind-the-scenes drama of Lukaku’s transfer controversy. Everything started with a growing disconnect between the 30-year-old striker and Simone Inzaghi. According to Lukaku, the manager failed to keep him in top physical and mental shape during the season. The Belgium international had to swallow his pride as Edin Dzeko challenged him for a starting spot. The tipping point occurred on June 10 when Lukaku was benched for the Champions League final.

Lukaku’s discontent became evident in the days following, with additional rest requests, subpar training sessions, and a lack of enthusiasm. Inzaghi’s decision was clear: Dzeko would partner with Lautaro Martinez. The rest is history: Lukaku came on as a substitute, missed an equalizing chance, and accidentally obstructed Dimarco’s scoring opportunity. In the days that followed, he publicly expressed his desire to stay.

However, behind the scenes, he had already engaged in discussions with two other Italian clubs, Juventus and AC Milan. His attitude towards his Inter teammates grew increasingly distant over the weeks. He skipped Dimarco’s wedding without prior notice, leaving both the groom and fellow players in doubt about his commitment.

Furthermore, he ignored calls from Lautaro Martinez and Ausilio, Inter’s sporting director, who believed the deal was sealed. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Lukaku was playing both ends before the season even ended. It’s safe to say he expects a less-than-warm welcome at San Siro on October 29.