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Inter CEO reveals the future of an important club player

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Inter Milan’s CEO just made a major revelation about one of the club’s most important players and his immediate future. It’s big news for him. 

Inter Milan has many great players on the payroll whose future is uncertain but one of them seems destined to leave the club. CEO Giuseppe Marotta just offered an interview on Sky Sport Italy about the team’s immediate future in the transfer market. As we all know, Christian Eriksen isn’t going through the best moment under Antonio Conte.

The Italian manager thought he could get the best out of the Danish midfielder but he simply doesn’t fit the philosophy. His style of play is not in line with what Conte asks of his players. Antonio himself has repeatedly stated he can’t get the best out of Eriksen and the club needed to make a decision about his future. Marotta just confirmed the player will be leaving Inter in the winter transfer window without giving away more information. 

Marotta explains why Eriksen has to leave. 

During the Sky Sport Italy interview, Giuseppe Marotta gave a thorough explanation as to why Christian Eriksen has to leave Inter Milan. The Danish midfielder tried his best to succeed in Italian football but he simply couldn’t cut it. We will get to see which club is the one that will attempt to sign the player from the Italian giants. 

“Eriksen is on the transferable list,” Marotta told Sky Sport Italy. “He has struggled to settle into the squad, he is not functional to the squad. That’s just an objective fact. “That is not any insult towards his professionalism, there is no punishment, it’s just a situation that has developed and it’s only fair to give him the chance to go where he can play more regularly.”