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Infantino explains why FIFA wants a biennial World Cup

Gianni Infantino, VAR test 2016 - Press Conference
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During a recent meeting with the press from Israel, Gianni Infantino explained why the FIFA World Cup must happen every two years. 


Gianni Infantino seems determined to organize the FIFA World Cup every two years and nothing might be able to stop him. Over the last few years, he’s pushed this agenda with a clear economic purpose behind it. More World Cups means way more money for the institution but for football in general as well. Tourism would be another major component of making this happen as often but Infantino forgets about a very important aspect.

Going to a FIFA World Cup is turning out to become one of the most expensive trips any world citizen can make. Making this event every two years would mean that people would be forced to spend more money than they did four years ago. Even if the level of performance increases over time, this would be a massive hit to the people’s economy. But for Infantino, the World Cup can even be compared to the Super Bowl in the United States. 

Infantino offers his explanation. 

During a recent summit in Israel, here’s what Infantino had to say: “A World Cup with 48 teams (from 2026) has already been decided. Whether it will take place every two years or four years, that is under consultation. Definitely believe in having more prestigious events, whether the World Cup or anything else. … Precisely because it is a magic tournament is perhaps why it should happen more often. The prestige of an event depends on its quality, not its frequency.


“You have the Super Bowl every year, Wimbledon or the Champions League every year, and everyone is excited and waiting for it. We would like to increase the value of national championships and domestic leagues. We need to find the right format that won’t be too disruptive to the calendar and all the other events. Why can’t we dream of the World Cup in Israel and its neighbors? With the Abraham Accords, why should we not do it here in Israel with her neighbors in the Middle East and the Palestinians?”