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In-form Barcelona star talks about his great moment at the club

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Due to his great moment at the club, one of Barcelona’s main stars just opened up about his previous struggles and how he turned them around.

FC Barcelona is currently going through one of the best moments of the season with several stars shining brightly. Despite getting eliminated from the Champions League by PSG, this FC Barcelona side has only improved under Ronald Koeman this season. Even players who appeared lost to the cause are emerging from the ashes in recent months. One of these ballers is none other than Ousmane Dembele, who is a very different player today.

When he arrived at the club, he had all the pressure on his shoulders as the player who would replace Neymar. This played tricks on his mind and picked up several muscular injuries. Something very similar is happening to Eden Hazard at Real Madrid right now. But this urgency to be the best is no longer a problem for Dembele. He finally understood that he needed to walk his own path as a footballer and the results are starting to show. 

Dembele’s redemption story. 

During all this time in which he suffered several injuries, Ousmane Dembele had time to reflect on the mistakes he made. After a long period of time suffering from various physical problems, today he stands as a new man. His most recent goal against Real Sociedad is proof that he’s improved in several aspects of his conditioning. Very few players in the world can score a solo goal like that. In a recent interview with Telefoot, this is what Dembele had to say: “I want to give a lot of thanks to my teammates. But honestly, since 2017 I was very weak,” he said.

“Now I have physically changed and I feel better prepared for the games. This year is going better, I have improved a lot in Barcelona ​​with the physical trainers. The way of training, the way of preparing for the games. Everything has changed. Now I feel good about myself. Even though I have struggled with all these physical problems for 3 years. These are life experiences that must be taken with a smile.”