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In CR7 we trust! – Ronaldo backed to solve COVID vaccine problem

Cristiano Ronaldo, COVID-19
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An Italian health official believes Ronaldo could hold the key to ending skepticism over the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s influence could convince skeptics to take the COVID-19 vaccination if the Italian health authorities allow the ‘absolute and beloved champion’ to have it early, says professor Matteo Bassetti.

Vaccinations for the worldwide disease have begun to roll out. Elderly citizens, high-risk patients, frontline health and social care workers are receiving the jabs as of now, with the younger generation to receive their jabs later in the year.

But there has been a fair bit of skepticism regarding the vaccine, prompting Bassetti to recommend an early jab for Ronaldo and his fellow Serie A footballers in Italy.

The director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the San Martino Hospital in Genoa believes a lot of fans, who trust and admire a champion like Ronaldo, will follow the Portuguese’s example especially.

“We vaccinate all Serie A players (which are less than 600…) when the doses are up,” Bassetti wrote on Instagram.

“I think adopting this solution is smart for three reasons. It would avoid clusters that can then have repercussions with the world that surrounds each player.

“Problems in the championship with the risk of postponement of matches or, worse, of interruptions to the Championship would be removed.

“And a precise signal would be given to skeptics i.e. those who have doubts about vaccinating with an example given by those with a great communicative power and a profound influence on an immense number of people.

“For example: If Cristiano Ronaldo, an absolute and beloved champion, were vaccinated, who knows how many fans would follow suit.”