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“I won’t take that syrup” Mourinho mocks Papu Gomez for doping comment

Jose Mourinho at Roma
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The Argentine star is facing a two-year ban from football after returning a positive doping test.

Jose Mourinho has taken a dig at Papu Gomez for his response to receiving a two-year ban from football.

Gomez tested positive for Terbutaline in October 2022, with the Spanish Anti-Doping Commission confirming his sentence earlier this week. 

Prior to his move to Monza in the summer, Gomez was playing for Sevilla, where he won the Europa League last season. The Spanish giants defeated Mourinho’s Roma in the final.

Speaking after a 1-0 win over Monza on Sunday, the Portuguese manager said of Gomez: “He didn’t play the final against us, but the semi-final against Juventus and he already knew about the positive test.

“I have a cough, but I won’t take that syrup. Then maybe they’ll find me positive.”

The syrup dig refers to Gomez’s justification for returning a positive doping test. Part of the World Cup winner’s statement on his two-year ban explained how he consumed the drug.

“The alleged violation has its origin in the presence of Terbutaline in my body due to having mistakenly and accidentally, involuntarily and unintentionally received a spoonful of my little son’s syrup, to relieve his cough,” the former Atalanta star wrote.

“However, it is worth specifying that the therapeutic use of Terbutaline is allowed for professional athletes and that in no case does it improve sporting performance in football.”