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How to not lose a football bet

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Many football betting players always ask about how to never lose a football bet. Betting on any game requires a secret. To be able to get rich from football, players must have certain skills and knowledge about this subject.


So, this article will help you learn more about the experience of the masters. Let’s analyze a few ways to play as well as tips so that you can easily win.

How to almost never lose a football bet

1. Checking the odds carefully

According to KUBET CASINO, checking the odds carefully is an extremely important thing in football betting. Because participants have to accumulate, research and analyze a lot of information from the teams to make the best choices. So, what are the odds? 


First, you need to pay attention to the rankings of the two teams on the current rankings.  Most of the strong and stable teams will have high rankings. Then, you choose whether the bet is the upper or lower door.

Second, you need to thoroughly understand the current situation about the two teams at that time. You should look at the roster, playstyle and player situation. A small tip is that now there are always websites that analyze the gameplay, tactics and win rate for reference.  If the stronger team is the away team, the odds are 50% handicap to one left. Such a small handicap means the two teams have a huge potential difference. Therefore, choose the lower bet for safety.

2. Managing the budget

One thing is for sure, if you adhere to it this way, you ensure your safety. For example, if you choose the right door and the odds are up to 70%, you should bet the right amount. This will help you increase their win rate to 90%.


Therefore, how much to bet and at which match will help you have an overview and protect your budget. A little tip that you should bet incrementally. It means that the bet amount after each match is increased slightly if the previous game is won by yourself.

Let’s say one friend wins and two friends can add 50% of the bet. The chance to win outright may be higher and the amount to be lost is also not much. However, you have to protect yourself as carefully as the first method, then apply this method at play. This is one of the effective football betting methods that many players often apply.

You should know the way to manage the budget


3. Doing not follow the crowd

The best experience for you when betting on football is not to follow the crowd. You must maintain your perspective to bet in the most harmonious and reasonable way.

Also, if you’re a longtime bettor, you understand one rule. It means that a small number of bookies can influence the match.

Therefore, if you follow the crowd, you will lose more easily. Because the bookies never want to share money with the side with the highest bet percentage. This will make them suffer a heavy loss. You should learn this way from those who went before to have your own direction.


4. Choosing the bet door

In addition to carefully reviewing the odds, choosing a betting door is also very important.  You should remember, the bookie has a team of betting day and night. Therefore, the effect they give may be the most correct, even up to 80%. Understanding the bookie will be a way to make sure.

If the strong team plays away, the handicap is 1/2 – 1 left. If the two teams are not too different, choosing the bottom door will have a higher probability of eating. If the two sides have equal strength, you should choose the away team and choose the same ball. Because the away team will try harder to get a point from the away field.

5. Staying mentally strong

One of the ways football betting never loses is to keep a good mind. Besides, you should stick with the solution that has been proposed to begin with. Many people play because they don’t keep a good mind. They panic easily, so it leads to unnecessary defeats.


For new players, it will take a long time to be able to properly view the bets and make a good bet on every match. So, if you stick with the predetermined solution, the probability of losing will be very low.

You should stay mentally strong

6. Following the bookie edge carefully to avoid being set up

There are many bookies that use complicated tricks to change the bet level or table rate.  They do this to hit the player’s mind. This move of the bookie makes many people trapped and lose the game. Therefore, you must always keep your mind when looking at the bookie.  Victory will be in your hands.


7. Thinking positively

You should consider playing football betting not the only way to get rich, it’s just a form of entertainment. This mindset helps you to get emotional uplifting in life.

You should not put too much emphasis on winning or losing. Football betting can only increase a part of your income. You have to be very alert so as not to make the unfortunate mistake that more than 90% of bettors have ever made.

So when participating in betting, you should keep your mind free without taking too much risk. In particular, you should avoid being in debt, which has a great impact on your psychology.


You should think positively to win at football betting

8. Choosing a reputable bookie

Choosing a reputable bookmaker is extremely important. There are many bookies when a player wins a bet but refuses to pay. The support department does not have the expertise to help players identify the odds to bet.

Therefore, this is also one of the important factors that you should consider to become an undefeated bettor.


The above are some ways to play online football betting never lose that you can refer to. All tips are based on experience from football betting experts. We hope that this information will help you to always win when betting on football.