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Havertz has no clue what position he plays at Chelsea FC

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Even though he plays offense at Chelsea right now, Kai Havertz just confirmed he has no clue what his exact position on the pitch is. 

Kai Havertz is so versatile that Thomas Tuchel grants him a level of freedom on the pitch when he plays as a starter. In fact, his performance against Real Madrid was living proof of what he will be able to do over the years at the Blues if he keeps growing. Havertz started playing as a classic number ‘10’ at Bayer Leverkusen but he quickly began to realize he had much more potential.

His manager decided to use him as a purely offensive player with no actual position on the pitch due to everything he could do. Now that he is at Chelsea, it took a managerial change to find this versatile player again. Frank Lampard wasn’t able to get the best out of him but Thomas Tuchel sure did with spectacular results. When anybody asks him about his position, not even Havertz can give you a straight answer. 

Kai doesn’t know where he plays. 

As per Goal, this is what Havertz responded when asked what position he plays on the pitch: “To be honest, I don’t know! I play somewhere up front – number nine, number 10, something in between – to be honest, I don’t know 100 per cent. I just enjoy the position right now because I feel very good there. I have a lot of fast strikers next to me right now, so that’s very nice and I think it’s the perfect position for me.

“I can be dangerous in the box, I can have the ball a lot and that is what I like, so right now it’s very nice for me in this position. I think the first year wasn’t very easy for me but I think I’m getting better and better, getting more confidence. But, for me, the team effort was the most important thing this season, and that we get victories – that’s more important than my own personal things. But, of course, I always want to play my best and I’m getting better now, so it feels good.”