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Harry Kane reacts to England’s Euros’ defeat

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After getting painfully eliminated in the Euros final, Harry Kane finally expressed his feeling through his social media accounts. 

Out of all the England players who suffered yesterday’s loss, perhaps Harry Kane is the one who deserves it the least. He’s always been a stand-up captain who loves leading his teammates to better results. Throughout the entire tournament, he was the one who never gave up on the team’s entire quest for glory. Right after the final whistle, Harry was gutted whilst talking to the press about the result. He didn’t have much time to marinate his thoughts right after the penalty shootout.

We could see him going to his wife in order to console her, she was just as gutted crying in the stands. All of England was hurt last night after this new losing chapter in their history. But Harry Kane has a lot of positive aspects to rescue out of this whole experience. After all, this is the second-ever final the Three Lions play in their major tournament history. They already won the 1966 World Cup and this England side just keeps growing without any signs of stopping. But more importantly, they are still a very young squad. 

Kane looks forward to the 2022 World Cup. 

If they continue like this with players like Harry Kane leading them, the Three Lions will be one of the top title contenders at the 2022 World Cup. A little over a year from now, Qatar will open its doors for the entire world to enjoy an atypical tournament in December. Although this fresh defeat will keep hurting for years to come. The English players should keep their heads held high and remain hopeful for what’s yet to come.

Harry Kane reacted to the loss through an encouraging Twitter message written by him: “Last night hurts. It’ll hurt for a long time. But we’ve come so far and broken down so many barriers that this is not the end. We win together, lose together, and will regroup together for the World Cup. Thanks for all your support this summer.”