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Hansi Flick makes a surprising transfer threat on Haaland

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After Bayern Munich’s victory against Borussia Dortmund, Hansi Flick made a surprising transfer threat in regards to Erling Haaland. 

Hansi Flick has been praising Erling Haaland over the last week ahead of tonight’s Der Klassiker between Bayern and Dortmund. The young forward scored an impressive brace before the tenth minute of the game at Allianz Stadium. Needless to say, this was more than enough for Flick to command his defenders to get a little rough with the kid. Despite making good on their promise, the Bayern Munich defense struggled to stop him until he left the pitch with an ankle knock.

This has to be the ultimate compliment from any manager against an elite player. Recurring to rough play in order to stop him means there is no other way to deal with a threat from a specific striker. After the match, Haaland wasn’t happy with Flick and he refused to greet him in a very unsportsmanlike moment. But the Norway player is still young, Flick doesn’t mind these moments. In fact, he loves how competitive Haaland can get in matches like these. 

Flick makes the headlines with Haaland. 

In a surprising turn of events, Hansi Flick made a surprising statement about Erling Haaland’s future. We all know how Bayern Munich tends to go after the best players of all Bundesliga rivals. In the past, they already took Robert Lewandowski from Dortmund during the Jurgen Klopp era. It’s no surprise they will try to go after Haaland when the time is right and Hansi Flick made sure to send this message.

Regardless of the rumors coming from Spain or England, we can’t discard Bayern Munich as a viable option for the Norwegian wonderkid. During the post-match press conference on Sky Sports Germany, Hansi stated the following about Bayern going after Haaland: “Very, very much is possible in life, nothing can be ruled out. ‘But that is a long way off. He has a long-term contract in Dortmund and is an option for many top clubs.”