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Haaland is still a buzz on the latest EPL transfer to champions Man City

Erling Haaland
© Manchester City

Erling Haaland entered the Premier League with much anticipation and optimism. Still, if he wants to make an immediate impression at Manchester City, he will have to put in a lot of effort. With Haaland’s impact, more fans will learn how to bet on sports as more goals are expected.

In recent years, City has developed into a formidable squad at home but has struggled in Europe.

Manchester City will sign Erling Haaland to a five-year contract during the summer transfer window. The Premier League winners have agreed to pay the striker’s release clause of £51 million ($63 million) in his contract with Borussia Dortmund.

The club’s all-time leading scorer, Sergio Aguero, will leave as a free agent in 2021. Most individuals believe that the team requires a second formidable No. 9 to win a continental crown.

Since making his Champions League debut with Red Bull Salzburg in 2019, big European clubs have shown interest in the gifted Norwegian player. As a result, during the January transfer window of that season, he moved to Germany.

The significance of Haaland’s move from the German Bundesliga, where he scored 83 goals in 87 games for Borussia Dortmund, to the English Premier League has been emphasized by analysts, commentators, and players.

The sensational Haaland

Haaland has scored against the greatest. He has scored 23 goals in 19 Champions League games, yet it is very difficult to win the Premier League due to its difficulty.

Guardiola attempted on multiple occasions to convince England captain Harry Kane to leave Tottenham before this season, but it proved difficult to convince him to leave Premier League opponents.

The spotlight swiftly shifted to Haaland, who is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps, Alf Inge, and appear in the City books.

Even though Bayern Munich and Dortmund are perpetual German champions, it is possible that they are not as excellent as the top English teams. The remainder of the German Bundesliga is inferior to them.

He scored 85 goals in 88 appearances for Dortmund, which is an excellent rate. His talents will now be added to the illustrious group of Etihad Stadium players working under Pep Guardiola.

Haaland will also have to adjust to City’s radically different playing style. When the season begins on August 7 against West Ham United at the London Stadium, it will be the most difficult game of his career.

Is Haaland up to the task?

The Premier League has better teams than the Bundesliga, and it will be more difficult for Haaland to defeat them than some of his Bundesliga opponents. Furthermore, Haaland’s transfer to Manchester City is heavily motivated by money. 

Due to the low release clause, Haaland will demand substantial contract money in addition to the signing bonus.

Haaland’s family has significant ties to the club as well. From 1997 until 2000, his father, Alf-Inge Haaland, played for Leeds United. Haaland is a native of Leeds. Alf-Inge relocated to Manchester City in 2000, where Erling grew up.

People might believe that the Blues are getting a fantastic deal on Haaland because they are only paying £51 million for him. When nine-figure prices are the standard, this may appear to be a bargain.

As Manchester City’s highest-paid player, Kevin De Bruyne earns around £385,000/$500,000 annually. However, Haaland’s deal is reportedly worth approximately £500,000/$610,000 per week, significantly higher than the Belgian star’s.

This condition was, however, inserted into his contract when he went to Dortmund in the winter of 2020. In addition, the agreement includes secret bonuses and agent fees.

Haaland will earn approximately £400,000 per week, comparable to the club’s highest-paid player, Kevin De Bruyne. Until 2027, he will be under contract with Etihad.

Haaland’s goal-scoring record in the Champions League was comparable to his record in his domestic league, but the team’s total performance was superior. Haaland never advanced past the quarterfinals in his three seasons at Dortmund.

This is something the municipality should alter. Haaland will play a significant role in England’s strategy to eliminate the “Champions League monkey”.

The older Haaland appeared in 38 games for the club throughout three seasons, typically as a right back or midfielder. He scored three objectives. He returned to his native Norway to play for three more seasons before retiring, but he maintained strong ties to Manchester.

The fact that City has lost in the semifinals and finals in the last two seasons has been difficult for supporters to accept. Still, for Haaland, this is a significant advancement and an opportunity to become a distinctive figure at a club that aspires to win its first Champions League title.