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Guardiola voices his concern about head concussions in football

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During a press conference after Raul Jimenez’s injury, Pep Guardiola wanted to voice his concerns for head concussions in football again. 

Pep Guardiola has been one of the biggest advocates to prevent serious issues with head concussions in football. When it comes to this sport, this subject doesn’t bring much discord because we are talking about an activity that rarely involved the athletes’ heads.

However, there are times when players suffer head trauma like Raul Jimenez did last weekend against Arsenal. His head collided with David Luiz’s head and got immediately taken to the hospital as a result. Today, we found out that Jimenez had to undergo surgery after suffering a fractured skull.

These types of injuries tend to be detrimental to an on-field player’s career as they often use their skull for headers. As a striker, Raul Jimenez will have a hard time going back to activity without endangering his own life. This is exactly the concern Pep Guardiola has been warning the leagues about. 

Guardiola wants strict rules for head injuries. 

The problem here is that the protocol when accidents like this happen is still very poor. Pep Guardiola has been demanding for these rules to become more strict in order to prevent what happened last weekend. Raul Jimenez should’ve been taken to the hospital faster than he did and the medics should’ve done everything at a quicker pace. 

As per Sky Sports, Guardiola said the following: “Hopefully Raul Jimenez and David Luiz find they are well and I have heard that Raul Jimenez has had an operation so that hopefully has gone well.

“This is the most important thing because with head injuries you have to be careful. I don’t know the protocols, some of them say you have to be nearly out (unconscious), some of them say no so it should be clear. Because head injuries are so dangerous but hopefully they (Luiz and Jimenez) are doing well.”