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Guardiola tips Manchester City star to return to his best form

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Right before the Premier League match against Arsenal, Pep Guardiola hopes one of his stars can return to his best level of performance. 

There was a time when Pep Guardiola could trust one of his biggest players to save the day with one of his great performances. Manchester City was one of the biggest clubs in Europe when they had Bernardo Silva at the top of his abilities. He was able to cut from the wing to the middle with ease. Getting past defenders through his fast-paced dribbling made it seem easy, but Silva lost that edge in recent months.

In fact, we haven’t seen that version of Bernardo since the Citizens won that domestic treble. To the general consensus, Bernardo was arguably the best player that season. He was the one who received the most Player of the Match awards and he became a safe bet. Guardiola expressed how much the club misses the best version of this player, one that he expects car return soon. 

Guardiola knows the reason Bernardo isn’t himself. 

Ahead of Manchester City’s match against Arsenal, Guardiola revealed the reason behind Bernardo’s dramatic dip in form. 

Speaking to Goal, Pep said: “He didn’t have time to refresh, he was exhausted and his mind was exhausted and he struggled with this. It is not because he didn’t want it, it was because we demand a lot of the players and sometimes it is not possible.

“In the NBA – the best league in basketball and we can say the Premier League is one of the best in football – they have three or four months break, they play a lot of games – 70 or 80 – but they have three or four months’ break.

“With Bernardo it was like this – he couldn’t refresh mentally and started the season tired mentally. “But I have a feeling he’ll have a very good season this season because he’s coming back in many things to what we’ve seen in the past.”