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Guardiola praises Moyes ahead of match against West Ham

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Ahead of Manchester City’s Premier League match against West Ham United, Pep Guardiola couldn’t help but praise David Moyes. 

Even Pep Guardiola is mesmerized by what David Moyes is doing with West Ham United this season. The Hammers are currently fighting to finish the season in the Top Four, something that hasn’t happened in decades. They never accomplished this in the Premier League era but they finished third in the league during the 1985-86 season. This is the highest West Ham United has made it in professional English football history.

With David Moyes, this seems to be completely changing and Pep Guardiola is extremely pleased to see it. Keep in mind that the Scottish manager hasn’t enjoyed a pleasant time during his time at big clubs such as Manchester United. With the upcoming match against Manchester City, Moyes got the highest praise possible from none other than Pep Guardiola himself. 

Pep is mesmerized by what David Moyes has done. 

Man City’s website picked up Guardiola’s statements: “They are in the Champions League position. That is not just a good run for one month, it’s over many months, so that means they are strong. David Moyes – I admire this type of person, like Roy Hodgson. They have had incredibly long careers. I would love to have their long careers for many years and have this passion to be manager and to do the job. The season speaks for itself. The way he understands football, he does it perfectly. He has a lot of experience. I dream of one day arriving in this position, where everything is calm. They live like a Buddha life – in good and bad moments they are calm.

“He always takes care of me. I cannot forget my first game in the Premier League was against Sunderland. He was the manager there and he was so kind, he gave me some advice about the Premier League. It’s a real tough game because all the big clubs have suffered against them and they are a good team. The advice was to buy the best wine possible to invite the manager when you win the game! The challenge is not to do 20 or 21 unbeaten games, the challenge is to beat West Ham. This is the only challenge that we have. The results and the run are a consequence of what we have to do day by day.”