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Graham Potter reacts to chants against Chelsea newcomers

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The Blues spent £295million to add eight new players to their squad this winter.

Graham Potter believes Chelsea should embrace the pressure of their busy transfer window to improve.

Chelsea’s spending spree under their new owners saw eight new players join Potter’s squad. Three of those players were in the starting lineup when Fulham held the Blues to a goalless draw on Saturday.

Despite his impressive display, Enzo Fernandez was aimed with chants from Fulham fans, saying: “what a waste of money.”

Fernandez became the most expensive player in Premier League history when he arrived at Stamford Bridge on a £107m deal last week.

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But Potter says the whole Chelsea squad are under more pressure after the January transfer window.

“It’s not just Enzo, it’s the whole team,” the English manager said.

“It’s normal because we have spent the money we’ve spent and you guys aren’t going to let that go under the radar, so all of football will be singing that song.

“We need to improve as a team. If you look back 18 months, Chelsea were not scoring and they thought they would spend £100m on a centre-forward and that would fix all the problems, and it didn’t. 

“You have to act better as a team. That’s our challenge. That’s what we need to do.”