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Gennaro Gattuso describes his wild friendship with Pirlo

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Ahead of tonight’s Italian Supercup, Gennaro Gattuso wanted to remind Andrea Pirlo of the friendship they had when they both played football. 

Gennaro Gattuso shares a wild friendship with Andrea Pirlo, they were best friends since they were quite young. However, their time at AC Milan was the perfect storm in order to form their unbreakable bond that persists to this day. You know the classic relationship between the introvert and the tough guy. They never seem to blend together but for some reason, they tend to become inseparable.

That’s Gattuso and Pirlo’s brotherhood in a nutshell. While the Napoli manager was always acting like the tough guy, Andrea always did his best to keep his cool. But they always loved the banter between them and became the entertainment of the group quite often. Tonight, they face each other in the Italian Super Cup for the first trophy of 2020 in an exciting match. 

Gattuso loved slapping Pirlo.

There are countless stories we could remember from these two during their time as players. But we’ll let Gattuso tell his own side that comes from a press conference picked up by Marca earlier today: “We started together in the U-15 team, we won the U-21 Eurocup, the World Cup, the Champions … Everything. We are close friends, but I hope to give you a dislike tomorrow.

“I’ve given him more slaps than Bud Spencer to Terrence Hill. When I saw Andrea play, I thought I had better change my profession. A great career as a player isn’t enough to be a coach. You have to study, work hard… and you don’t sleep much. I don’t believe Juventus is in crisis and I hope my players don’t either. They never lose two games in a row. He will have casualties, but his squad is incredible. They must not smell our blood.”