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Gattuso describes his personal hell while dealing with Spurs

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After the failed negotiation with Spurs, Gennaro Gattuso described the personal hell he went through while dealing with them. 

After Jose Mourinho left Spurs, there was a brief moment in which Gennaro Gattuso could’ve taken his position. The entire episode deals with an unfortunate Champions League encounter Gattuso had with a Tottenham assistant in 2011. Spurs fans won’t forget about this incident and they made sure they were heard on social media. As soon as they realized Daniel Levy was trying to sign the Italian manager, they created a campaign against him.

With the #NoToGattuso hashtag, they pushed Tottenham Hotspur to not sign the former AC Milan star. Initially, Gattuso was very excited about the possibility to coach in the Premier League. Before this chance came to him, there was another incident with Fiorentina. Gattuso was announced as the new manager after leaving Napoli but he had a disagreement with the club two weeks before starting his job. It’s been quite the eventful summer for Gattuso, getting rejected on different fronts. 

How did Gattuso take all that rejection? 

During an interview with ‘Il Messaggero’, Gattuso spoke about this entire experience throughout the last few months. Marca picked up these statements: “I don’t even want to talk about that. It’s useless to add more details, I’ve already forgotten it. On the other hand, I cannot do the same with the other one. It was a great disappointment. They did not describe me as I am and there was nothing I could do.

I regret not being able to defend myself because I am not the person they were talking about in England. Certain malice comes from Facebook and Twitter, where it is possible to unleash any falsehood. I do not have profiles on the networks and I do not want to. I had to accept a story that hurts more than any defeat or dismissal. We cannot understand how dangerous the internet can be.”