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Gary Neville makes Premier League title prediction

Gary Neville, Manchester United
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As the first part of the 2022/23 campaign has ended, Gary Neville has given his verdict on the title race.

Gary Neville rates Arsenal as the best team at the moment, but he still expects Manchester City to retain their Premier League crown by a 15-point margin.

Going into the World Cup break, Arsenal are five points clear of City at the top of the league table. The Gunners have collected 12 wins compared to City’s 10. They are also tied with Newcastle for the best defensive record in the English top flight, having conceded just 11 goals.

“I said last week that I thought Manchester City would win the title by 15 points – I’m going to hang in there with that prediction,” Neville said on Sky Sports.

“But Arsenal are making me doubt that. They’ve been fantastic, they are the class act of this first 14 games. We want a title race, we want there to be competitiveness in the Premier League and not for one team to run away with it every single season.

“At this moment in time, Arsenal are putting up a real fight. They’re the best team in the league in the first 14 games of the season by a mile. I was there for their very first game of the season at Crystal Palace on that Friday night in August and the first 25 minutes were electrifying between those front players and they’ve actually maintained that all the way through. They’ve got a spirit, togetherness, and great football.”

February and March are decisive moments for Arsenal

On Arsenal’s title prospects, Neville continued: “I don’t think they’ll win the title. I think City will.

“I do think they will get into the top four, but I still think it will be interesting come February and March with Arsenal where they end up.”

“I still think there’s an element of they’ve still got to prove themselves. I will say it time and time again until they show me differently,” the former Manchester United defender added.

“But what they’re demonstrating at this moment in time is that they’re the best team in the league, the most consistent team in the league, and from where they were at the end of last season – well done to [Arsenal manager] Mikel Arteta, it’s a brilliant job that he’s done.”