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Gary Neville: American investment is a clear danger for English football

Gary Neville, Manchester United
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Neville has remained a vocal critic of Manchester United’s US-based owners, the Glazers family.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has called for an independent regulator to protect English football from the ‘clear danger’ of the American investors.

The latest American owner is Todd Boehly, who took over Chelsea after Roman Abramovich’s exit early this year.

The American businessman’s controversial proposal for an All-Star game has generated different responses in English media.

Some outlets have already made their North and South XIs, while others have pointed out its possible consequences.

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Neville, who has consistently criticized the Glazers family over their running of Manchester United in recent seasons, believes English football needs a regulator to protect it from American investors.

“I keep saying it but the quicker we get the regulator in the better,” Neville tweeted.

“US investment into English football is a clear and present danger to the pyramid and fabric of the game. 

“They just don’t get it and think differently. They also don’t stop till they get what they want!”

Jurgen Klopp also reacted to Boehly’s idea by insisting there would be no time for such a match in Premier League’s congested schedule.

Following a postponed matchday due to the Queens’s death, the Premier League sides will return to action this weekend.