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Former Manchester City player at risk of going blind after fireworks incident

Rangers v Galatasaray: UEFA Europa League Play-Off
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The Galatasaray player was rushed to the hospital as he sustained severe injuries after a firework exploded in his hand.

Omar Elabdellaoui, former Manchester City and Hull City player, suffered a horrific injury on New Year’s Eve. The 29-year-old defender began his career in Manchester City’s youth team and spent the greater part of his years playing for Olympiacos. The Norwegian had signed for Galatasaray this summer on a free transfer.

According to Turkish news outlet Skor, the player was taken to a private hospital after sustaining severe damage to his hands and eyes. Elabdellaoui was believed to have been setting up fireworks at his house when one of them blew up in his hand. Although the injuries are not life-threatening, the defender is reportedly at risk of losing his vision. Galatasaray brought on a specialist doctor to access the damage to the player’s eyes.

“There were injuries in both eyes, more in one eye. His current situation is better than yesterday. Currently, medical treatment continues. A new intervention may be required,” said Dr. Vedat Kaya.

“He has the ability to see, but how will his course be in the future is difficult to say at the moment. Vision may change due to a small stain and may increase if you clean that stain the next day. There’s a thermal chemical burn here and we’re going to treat it.”

Galatasaray’s VP asked for respect.

Abdurrahim Albayrak spoke about the player’s condition and addressed a situation that displeased him. Controversy struck as a very graphic image of the injured player began being shared online.

“He speaks for himself. He can answer the doctors. We had an unlucky accident. 2020 came to the whole world as an unlucky year as Galatasaray. We had an unlucky event at the last minute. God bless him,” said the club’s Vice President.

“The ambulance officer on-site takes photos and shares them on social media. It is a shame, it is a sin. This person has 3 children, Galatasaray has 30 million fans. Our friend has thousands of loving people, families, and friends in his country. What good can serve such a photo? Shame, isn’t it a sin? We will not let go of this.”

We wish Omar Elabdellaoui a fast and full recovery after this unfortunate incident.