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Flick reveals his stance about taking Low’s Germany job

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In the midst of Joachim Low’s possible exit as Germany’s manager, Hansi Flick decided to respond to the rumors linking him to the job. 

Joachim Low has had a good run as Germany’s manager but all good things tend to come to an end, some sooner than others. In his case, the gaffer has been at the helm of this project for nearly 15 years. We can easily conclude that he’s one of the coaches who remained in his position for the longest time.

Only other veterans such as Oscar Tabarez can compare to what Low has accomplished. It’s been a journey filled with ups and downs for the German coach, but he will always have that 2014 World Cup title to be proud of. Recent results suggest he might be running out of that luck as the German Football Federation is making a decision about his future.

There are many members of the board who don’t agree with Low’s decision to drop some important veterans from his call-up lists. Players who are still at the top of their game despite their age. For this and some other mistakes, Joachim Low’s job is in the balance with managers like Hansi Flick considered to replace him. 

Flick is currently comfortable at Bayern Munich. 

Flick joined Jurgen Klopp as the managers with the biggest chances to take Joachim Low’s position as Germany’s manager. But both coaches are currently committed to their clubs and going through a successful period. These two are the most recent UEFA Champions League winners and have the credentials to take Low’s position. However, convincing them to take the job might not be as easy as expected. 

Flick just revealed his stance on TZ about the possibility of taking the job any time soon: “I obviously saw the game between Spain and Germany and I felt the same way you (journalist) did. I was disappointed by the way we played football. On the other hand, these things can happen in our sport. One can suffer a bitter defeat. Now, we have to try and get the correct conclusions from all this. But this is none of my business. As far as replacing ‘Jogi’, you know I’m living in the present. These things are too far in the future to think about them.”