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Five players that can win the Bundesliga Golden Boot aside from Robert Lewandowski

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The new Bundesliga season is around the corner, and many things are happening in the transfer window.

Some players have said goodbye to the league, and one of the top Bundesliga picks to move is Erling Haaland. After a couple of seasons with Borussia Dortmund, the prolific striker has found solace in another league. 

The league would certainly miss him. However, we can always look to other players available in the league. We know that Robert Lewandowski will most likely win the golden boot award as long as he is in the Bundesliga. If we are to pick other players that can get their hands on the boot, we should find some top talents.

With Haaland out, the number of competitors for Lewandowski has reduced. Therefore, we want to check out other players that can do the job. These players have been scoring many goals, but they can’t match what Lewandowski brings to the table, as he scores 30+ goals every season.

However, it is possible that we might not have Lewandowski in the league next season. Our Bundesliga predictions for the player to score the most goals would change. We would have to look at other players. In that case, we’ve put together five players we think to have the chance to win the golden boot if Lewandowski is not available. 

Karim Adeyemi

Karim Adeyemi is a bright youngster who recently moved from RB Salzburg to Borrusia Dortmund. He is following the steps of Erling Haaland, who also played for Salzburg. Adeyemi is a prolific striker that has an eye for goal. He can convert half chances, and since he is going to Dortmund, a team known for creating chances, he would enjoy it.

The player will also be among youngsters like him. One popular thing about Dortmund is that they know how to groom youngsters. Therefore, Adeyemi would slot right into the league, and he could help the team improve their hold on the league. And he can score more goals than other players. 

Patrik Schick

Last season, Patrik Schick was the player with the second most goals in the season. The Czech Republic striker was prolific in front of goal that he outscored Erling Haaland. Only Lewandowski netted more than him throughout the entire league. Therefore, we believe he has the chance to make it happen this season.

Schick would be among the top goalscorers and help Leverkusen through their season. It is hard to compete against Lewandowski, but he can always do more than we expect. In that case, it would be an impressive feat to see if he can outscore the other players in the league when the new season begins. 

Christopher Nkunku

After moving from PSG, Christopher Nkunku has become RB Leipzig top player. He moved from midfield to play in the attack. The player has some interesting footwork that helps him to deliver an incredible playing style. Therefore, it is easy to consider him as one of the top contenders for the top goalscorer award.

Nkunku is a proven goalscorer, and he is one of the players many clubs across Europe are excited to sign. However, since signing a new deal with Leipzig, we sure would see him play in the club for another season. This time he can become the top goalscorer, especially if Lewandowski leaves. 

Serge Gnabry

Serge Gnarby’s story is quite interesting. He was an Arsenal player, but he never got that recognition until he moved to Bayern. After a while in the club, he hit an incredible form and was part of the players that helped the team win the Sextuple. Gnarby has made a name for himself and continues to impress.

He is one of the best goalscorers in the Bayern team, and after Lewandowski last season, he had the most goals. Therefore, we think the German has the chance to become a top goalscorer in the Bundesliga if Lewandowski moves. Although with Mane in the team, he would have some top competition. 

Sadio Mane

The Senegalese didn’t sign a new contract with Liverpool as he felt not to have been treated rightly by the team. Therefore, it was an easy decision when Bayern came to get his signature. So, we would see one of the most exciting and prolific wingers in the world join the already boisterous Bayern attack.

While at Liverpool, Mane won the golden boot. Therefore, there is a good chance that he can score plenty while playing for Bayern. So, we would look at the player and how he fits into the squad. 

He would most likely play as a left winger, and fortunately, Bayern does not have many players competing for that position. So, Mane should have a high playing time and would be part of our Bundesliga predictions today.